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Achieving Wonderful Living Spaces

TLS Solutions pride ourselves on delivering quality workmanship in construction, landscaping & design with every project we are entrusted, either for your business or residential development.

The condition of your surroundings sets the scene for friends and family, so make sure it’s a great impression.

Please read our ‘work ethos’ below and browse our site to understand the variety of services we provide and also our Projects page to see the workmanship & attention to detail we pride ourselves in.

To discuss any projects or maintenance you are considering - please call to get a free no obligation quote.

Call the office today on:  01344 771772

or Matt 0782 555 8014 / Jamie 0782 555 8010

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The TLS Solutions Difference

Our ethos is rooted in one simple phrase: "No problem, sort it." It's a phrase Matt and Jamie have been using from day one.

It sums up what we believe to be the difference between us and any other company. 'No' just isn't in our vocabulary -  anything is possible.

As a customer you take green fingers for granted. But we also have green ears. We listen carefully and constructively.

The first tool we call on isn't a digger, it's chalk. Your project starts with us walking round the garden with you, discussing ideas, making suggestions and all the time drawing on the ground.  This way we can plant a picture in your mind of what the finished garden will look like.

It's all about prep, prep and more prep. One planning visit may not be enough, it's very important to take time at this stage to get things absolutely right.

When you're completely happy with the plans (and only when) we'll send you a quote. No surprises, everything is put down in writing - from the spec to the contract and schedule.

Then work can begin. However, even now the talking doesn't end. It's your garden, not ours. So Matt or Jamie will visit on a regular basis to make sure you're 100% happy with the work in progress.

If you want to change something, we're flexible.

We are immensely proud of the feedback we get from our customers who continually praise both the landscaping and the suppliers for giving them a great experience all round.

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